Lezama To Be Used As Training Site For Teams During EURO 2020

Lezama will act as a training site during EURO 2020 (AC)

The Spanish Football Federation is still searching for a location to serve as the National Team’s base camp during EURO 2020. While La Roja will begin training at Las Rozas as normal, the squad plans to move elsewhere during the tournament. Training at Lezama has been considered as a possible option due to the fact that Bilbao will serve as one of eleven host cities, but utilizing the Athletic facilities as a base will not be possible.

On Saturday, a report claimed that Spain had already contacted Athletic to request permission to use Lezama but had yet to make a decision. However, a later report revealed that UEFA will not allow Lezama to be used as a base camp due to the fact that it has already been reserved as an alternate training site for teams traveling to Bilbao for matches during the tournament.

At this point, Spain will now be looking for other possible locations and are even open to setting up somewhere outside of the country. La Roja will play at least two games at San Mamés with the option for one more if the team manages to advance far enough. While many Athletic fans have expressed frustration over Spain playing at the Cathedral, simply being a host city for EURO 2020 will be incredible for the economy in Bilbao.

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