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CD Basconia Manager Ander Alaña Defends Youssouf Diarra

When it was reported last month that Youssouf Diarra would be joining CD Basconia there was a lot of debate among fans of whether or net he met Athletic’s Basque-only policy. The attacking midfielder was born in Mali and moved to Catalonia at age 8 before eventually joining a Pamplona-based academy at 17. Some believe that he didn’t spend enough

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Signing Of Youssouf Diarra Sparks Debate Over Athletic’s Basque-Only Policy

Athletic Club’s Basque-only transfer policy is well known in the world of football today. It is a simple policy used by the club to protect and preserve the Basque identity by only fielding players from the region. On the surface it is quite simple: only players born or formed in the Basque Country are eligible to play for Athletic. While

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