Gaizka Garitano “Our goal is to turn it around because the Primera isn’t easy for us”

Gaizka Garitano took full responsibility for the loss to Cadíz (AC)

Gaizka Garitano had little to say after Thursday’s 1-0 loss to Cadíz. Despite the visitors receiving two red cards, Athletic failed to score a single goal and were beaten at San Mamés for the fourth straight game. It’s a new record for the club and one that Garitano didn’t want to set.

“We have problems when teams play closed against us, we don’t have clarity,” the manager told reporters. “It takes something more than shooting at defenses that are closed, an individual play has to appear from time to time. The crosses have to be better and our lack of a center forward is clear when it comes to finishing. When you don’t have a reference center forward…We have deficiencies that aren’t easy to solve.”

The Mister maintained that the team played well in the first half. Athletic dominated possession, but never troubled Cadíz who were content to sit back in defense. Failing to create chances ultimately cost Athletic the game.

“In the first half we went from less to more and finished quite well. In the second half we wanted the win. We played through the middle, but they stole the ball from us and that led to a goal. The crosses weren’t good and the shots didn’t come. They have deservedly beaten us and they defended well with two less. We didn’t have a good day, we failed a lot. We lost the game and that’s clear.”

“Our objective is to move forward.” (AC)

Garitano has come under more fire after the loss. Many fans have called for the manager to step down or be sacked. Naturally, Garitano assumed the responsibility for the defeat and admitted things aren’t going well at the moment.

“I’m the person in charge of the team and I take all the blame. The defeat is on me. We have to look at things to improve and try to win games. Now our goal is to turn it around because the Primera isn’t easy for us. Our objective is to move forward. We can’t collapse. We have to try to recover, be self-critical, and correct the things that we did wrong.”

Following Thursday’s loss to Cadíz, Athletic will be back on the road this weekend. The Zurigorri travel to Alavés on Sunday for the second Basque Derby of the season and in need of a win to move further away from the relegation zone.

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