Dani Vivian “I Think I’m Going To Grow A Lot At Mirandés”

Dani Vivian is looking forward to the challenge of playing with Mirandés (CDM)

Dani Vivian dreams of making his debut for Athletic, but first he must prove himself with Mirandés. The 21-year-old is spending the season on loan at Anduva and is excited about the opportunity to test himself in the Second Division.

“As soon as they told me that Mirandés wanted me I didn’t hesitate,” Vivian told Fuera de Juego on Friday night. “I’m very happy at Mirandés. There are many new players and that has helped me integrate quickly. I’m eager to compete.”

Vivian is thankful for the chance to take the next step in his career. Joining Mirandés for the season will allow the defender to fight for his place at San Mamés.

“I think I’m going to grow a lot at Mirandés. Athletic has always given me everything and I’m very grateful. They send me on loan with the hope that it will turn out well for me and I will able to earn my place in the next few years.”

In just a short time Vivian has already made his presence felt at Mirandés. Vivian started the team’s first game of the season and handled the pressure well.

“What I’ve noticed most about being in the Segunda is that there’s a lot of quality and a lot of competition. It’s good, it’s an advantage because I demand a lot of myself. The Mister demands me to be quick and break up plays.”

“Athletic have a great team, they will do well.” (AC)

This weekend Mirandés will face Kuko Ziganda’s Real Oviedo in what will be a tight match. “I’ve worked with Kuko and he had a lot of confidence in me, but he didn’t call me,” Vivian confirmed. “I’m sure he has something in store for tomorrow.”

When asked about Athletic’s season ahead, Vivian shared confidence that it can be a successful year. “Athletic have a great team, they will do well,” he said. “Granada was only the first game. It shouldn’t be given greater importance.”

The future of Unai Núñez could significantly impact Vivian’s chances of earning a place in the team. Núñez has asked to leave on loan before signing a new contract, though the club rejected the request. “Unai is a great player,” Vivian said. “I don’t know what he asked for and it’s not my place to have conjecture. I’m focused on my day to day.”

Dani Vivian has impressed since joining Athletic in 2016. The young center-back shows the potential to become a first team player in the near future and spending the year with Mirandés will help him continue his promising development.

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