A Return To Training Could Come Wednesday For Athletic Players That Tested Positive

Unai Núñez tested positive in the initial PCR screening (AC)

On 11 August the Athletic first team reported back to Lezama to undergo medicals and PCR screenings. The following day the club announced that six players had tested positive for COVID-19, throwing a wrench into the preseason plans. With strict protocols in place the players began isolating at home with hopes of joining their teammates at Lezama as soon as possible.

Since then there’s been silence from Athletic. The club hasn’t provided any updates on the six players other than Doctor Josean Lekue’s medical update last week. As Athletic’s Head of Medical Services, Dr. Lekue explained the protocols that the players would have to follow in order to be cleared to start training normally.

After isolating for ten days, the players would then have to pass two consecutive PCR tests spaced 72 hours apart. If both results come back negative they would be cleared to train. Considering that the initial tests were performed on 11 August, the next screening should have taken place on Friday (21 August) and the second on Monday (24 August).

Assuming that the two tests were performed on Friday and Monday, and that the players received negative results today, they would theoretically be allowed to start training on Wednesday. If any were to test positive they would have to wait an additional three days before being screened again. At this point there’s been no word on if the additional tests have happened and, if so, what the results revealed, but the hope is that all six players will be back at Lezama tomorrow.

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