Spanish Football Federation Considering 4 April As Possible Copa Del Rey Final Date

Athletic may have to wait until April to play the Cup final (AC)

Athletic and Real Sociedad are still waiting to play the final of the 2019/2020 Copa Del Rey. In light of the recent pandemic, both clubs agreed to postpone the historic final until fans could attend the match. So far the Spanish Football Federation have yet to reschedule the fixture, but there are a few dates being considered.

Last month reports claimed that the RFEF have been looking at playing the final sometime around Christmas. The idea would be for the Cup final to be the first top level football game in the country to have fans back in the stands. If fans still aren’t allowed in the stadium, the match will have to wait until 2021.

Rescheduling the Cup final to December isn’t a guarantee at this point. That being the case, the RFEF are also considering other dates in the future including playing the match during an international break which isn’t favorable as the two teams could be missing key players.

Apart from December, a new date has emerged as a possibility. According to a report from Robert Basic of El Correo, 4 April is being heavily considered as the alternative to a Christmas final. If so, the 2020/2021 final would then be played on 17 April. So far it’s been impossible to make any concrete plans given ongoing health concerns, but both clubs are committed to waiting until they celebrate the historic final with their fans.

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