Aitor Elizegi “We Have A Beautiful Week Ahead Of Us”

Aitor Elizegi is looking forward to a thrilling end to the season (AC)

Athletic have announced an agreement with local oil and gas company Petronor to collaborate on moving towards a more Sustainable Development of energy. The club will begin the process of transitioning to other energy alternatives in a three-year deal with the company who was the first to ever sponsor the front of the Athletic shirt.

The objective of the collaboration is to follow the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations to introduce clean and affordable energy in a multitude of areas as well as responsible energy consumption. As part of the plans, Athletic will transition to using only green energy which will include installing solar panels at San Mamés followed by other club facilities. Access to the energy alternatives will also be made available to residents in the area to establish a cleaner community.

Athletic president Aitor Elizegi addressed the media following the announcement, during which he was also asked about football. The first team is currently preparing for the final two games of the season and winning both will likely earn Athletic a place in the Europa League next season.

“It’s the ending I expected, to be alive and competing…” (AC)

“It’s the ending I expected, to be alive and competing with our heads held high, united until the last game,” said Elizegi. “It’s been shown that during those 100 days of confinement the squad took their responsibilities very seriously. Despite the uncertainty they continued to work at home and it’s been to their benefit. They all made a commitment.”

Before the season returned Gaizka Garitano and multiple players set a clear goal of fighting for Europe until the very end and never giving up. “They have kept their works,” Elizegi said with pride. “They will keep their word until the last game against Granada.”

Athletic have been in tremendous form since the restart. Unfortunately, fans haven’t been able to enjoy the football as stadiums across Spain are still closed to the public. “We all know how that alliance between the team and the fans works. We have missed them.”

Aside from the first team, Bilbao Athletic and CD Basconia will also be in action this weekend in the first round of their promotional playoffs. “It’s been a very long year and we have a beautiful week ahead of us,” Elizegi continued. “Athletic will play, fighting for a place in Europe, and Bilbao Athletic and Basconia will be fighting for their respective promotions. There are beautiful opportunities.”

Athletic are committed to building a greener future (AC)

Finally, the president was once again asked about recent VAR controversies which cost Athletic points against Real Madrid and Sevilla. Elizegi defended the technology, but also hinted that things need to be improved moving forward.

“We fully trust the tool and the know-how of the professionals on the field of play. We must show the utmost respect to those who are on the field, both the players and the referees. Surely this summer there will be relevant meetings so that the tool continues to improve in the future and interprets all the plays in the same way, the plays that we consider to be important.”

Athletic will be back in action on Thursday night when Leganés visit San Mamés with three important points on the line. Bilbao Athletic and Basconia will take the field on Saturday against Badajoz and Portugalete respectively. All three teams have aspirations of finishing the season with celebrations.

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