Basconia Will Kickoff Promotional Playoffs On 18 July Against Portugalete

CD Basconia will compete in the Tercera Promotional Playoffs (AC)

Ever since it was announced that the top four teams in each group of the Tercera would be competing in the promotional playoffs, Basconia have been well aware of their upcoming opponents. As the fourth placed team in Group IV, Basconia will meet leaders Portugalete in the first round with the winner advancing to face either Sestao River or Vitoria in the final.

Basconia returned to training at Lezama on Monday without knowing when the playoffs would begin. That’s no longer the case. On Friday the dates were officially announced and the Basauritarras will take the field against Portugalete on 18 July at Sarriena which is where all three playoff games will be held.

Sestao River and Vitoria will play the following day and the final will take place on 25 July with the winner earning promotion to the Segunda B. It should be noted that Basconia can only move up to the Segunda B if Bilbao Athletic are also promoted. Both teams cannot play in the same tier. Bilbao Athletic and Basconia are strong teams and will be competing in promotional playoffs at the time for the first time in 17 years.

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