Basconia Return To Training At Lezama

Basconia will compete in the promotional playoffs (AC)

For the first time in 17 years Bilbao Athletic and Basconia will compete in the promotional playoffs at the same time. The pandemic might have brought the rest of the Segunda B and Tercera season to an end, but the playoffs will still take place next month and both teams have qualified due to finishing in the top four of their respective tables.

Last week Bilbao Athletic returned to training at Lezama to being preparing for the playoffs and now Basconia have done the same. Patxi Salinas’s side were back at Lezama on Monday where the players worked individually on Field 8. For now the squad is unable to train in small groups but restrictions will loosen in the weeks ahead.

A total of 19 players have been summoned to train to make up the Basconia squad. With a handful having been added to the Bilbao Athletic team, Salinas has brought up four players from Juvenil A which includes Nico Williams and Adrián Trespalacios. Goalkeepers Ibon Ispizua and Unai Pérez were also called up, along with Chris Atangana and Aritz de Miguel being recalled from their respective loans.

Playoffs for the Tercera will take place within each individual group which means that Basconia will face off with Portugalete in their first match. The winner will go on to play either Sestao River or Vitoria with promotion on the line. As of now, the playoffs are expected to begin on 18 July.

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