Aitor Elizegi “It’s Worth Losing Both Hips For This Shirt And Shield”

Aitor Elizegi greets Aritz Aduriz and his family at San Mamés (AC)

Aritz Aduriz spent nearly an hour sitting on a stool on the field at San Mamés today. The striker, accompanied by his family and teammates, said goodbye in a farewell press conference that was both encouraging and emotional. After the legendary striker finished speaking, president Aitor Elizegi addressed those in attendance with a message that Aduriz will always be part of the team even in retirement.

“I’m going to quote the phrase that it’s worth losing both hips for this shirt and shield. He will continue to accompany us. That number 20 will prowl the San Mamés and the fans will continue to see him near the penalty spot for many years. We all have memories of a player who challenged gravity that allowed him to finish chance in a way that the fans will never forget.”

During his speech Aduriz said that he’s confident the team and club are in good hands moving forward. “It’s an important message that Athletic transmits to one another,” Elizegi added. “He believes that the locker room and Athletic are in good hands. What better message can a captain, a player of this level, send out.”

Aritz Aduriz spent 12 years with the Athletic first team, making 405 appearances and scoring 172 goals throughout his career at San Mamés. The 39-year-old retires as one of the greatest players to ever wear the Zurigorri shirt and a club legend.

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