Raúl García “It’s A Shame That We Were Given A Choice Between One Thing Or Another”

Raúl García doesn’t want to rush the return of football (AC)

Football is nearing a return in Spain. The Athletic first team resumed training over the past week with each players having to work individually, but there is hope that soon permission will be given to allow small groups. Naturally, there is much caution and fear with so much uncertainty but midfielder Raúl García is taking everything in stride.

“There is a protocol that gives us security so that we go through phases before games can be played again on a certain date, but it doesn’t make sense to set a date and then later you have to do everything faster,” García told RNE. “The league is going to try to finish because it’s convenient for everyone on an economic level.”

Once the season resumes Athletic will have eleven games left to fight for a top seven finish. Without it the Lions will miss out on Europe due to the Copa del Rey final being postponed until fans can safely attend the match.

“It’s a shame that we were given a choice between one thing or another, but we were clear about it. Honestly, playing in a final behind closed doors wouldn’t be a title and I wouldn’t like it. I’ve had to play behind closed doors once before and it has no comparison, not even with training. It’s worse. Still, we are aware that the fans give us so much, but we are going to have to adapt.”

“We are going to have to adapt.” (AC)

In light of the football stoppage the Athletic first team players and coaches agreed to lower their wages. Doing so wasn’t required, but García made it clear that everyone knew it needed to be done.

“We had to do it and we are delighted. Everyone has to help. We didn’t need the club to tell us that we had to lower our salaries. In this situation everyone must help and footballers, no matter how much they put a label of living in a bubble on us, it’s not like that. I live on a day to day basis.”

Raúl García remains one of Athletic’s most important players and will be need to be at his best to help the team finish in the top seven. Whenever the season returns, Athletic’s next scheduled match will be against Atlético Madrid at San Mamés.

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