Nico Williams Signs First Professional Contract With Athletic Through 2024

Nico Williams has signed his first professional contract with Athletic (ZF)

Nico Williams is one of the great hopes for Athletic. The younger brother of Iñaki Williams has turned heads since joining Lezama in 2013 and is now one step away from making his first team debut after being promoted to Bilbao Athletic. Along with his promotion, the 17-year-old has also signed his first professional contract with the club.

According to a report from Javier Ortiz De Lazcano of El Correo, Williams has signed a new deal that will run through 2024 and comes with a €30 million release clause which will rise to €40 million when he is promoted to the first team. Interestingly, there are other important conditions that were included in the contract that could further protect the starlet’s future with Athletic.

When Williams is promoted the contract will be terminated and replaced with a new first team contract for three seasons. For example, if Williams is promoted in 2022 his new deal would then run through 2025 along with increased wages. Like Iñaki, Nico wants to succeed at Athletic and dreams of one day taking the field with his brother.

As a player, Nico has some similarities to his older brother as he is best on the right-wing while also capable of featuring as a striker. Although he may not have the same world class speed, Nico has greater technical ability and is a much better dribbler. Nico Williams has a bright future ahead and all the quality and potential to one day become a star at San Mamés.

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