Patxi Salinas Hits Back At Bernd Schuster Over Copa Del Rey Final Comments

Patxi Salinas believes that Bern Schuster should apologize (AC)

Bernd Schuster has made some enemies in the Basque Country. While speaking with Onda Cero, the former Barcelona player was recently asked about his thoughts on the decision to postpone the Copa del Rey final and took a shot at Athletic and Real Sociedad. “Those two clubs shouldn’t play the final,” he said. “I don’t like them, I wouldn’t watch that final on TV.”

It should be noted that Schuster tried to justify his statements by pointing out that fans of both clubs have been known to whistle the Spain national anthem. Ironically, Barcelona fans have also done the same on various occasions which Schuster apparently ignored while giving such an obtuse opinion.

Fans immediately took to social media to ridicule Schuster’s comments, including currently players Ibai Gómez and Yuri Berchiche. Gómez went as far to say that he hopes Schuster has been wearing a mask so that he can “keep his mouth shut.” In truth, Schuster’s statements are likely based in jealousy as Athletic and Real Sociedad combined for four La Liga titles and one Copa del Rey champions during the German’s first four years with Barcelona.

Former Athletic striker Julio Salinas, who was on the 1984 Cup winning team, has since come out to call Schuster’s comments “misplaced”. His brother Patxi Salinas, who currently coaches CD Basconia at Lezama and started the 1984 Cup final against Schuster’s Barcelona, had an even more pointed response while answering questions on Instagram earlier today.

Schuster’s Barcelona lost to Athletic in the 1984 Cup final (AC)

“We could get into a debate and surely it would generate controversy, but it’s not the moment for that. I sincerely believe that he was wrong. First, he played for a club that I think he should have included in what he said. Sometimes Barcelona fans have whistled the anthem too. He’s one of the best footballers I’ve ever seen. He was great, a spectacular player, but La Real’s fans are wonderful and we have the best fans in the world.”

Salinas went as far to say that Schuster should publicly apologize and defended that Athletic and Real Sociedad absolutely deserve their place in the Cup final. “I think that should apologize and if not, it will be worse for him,” said Salinas. “Bernd you were wrong, red card. We are two great teams with wonderful fans and we’re going to enjoy a special game and a great day. It’s easy to criticize, but I prefer to have a good vibe.”

Patxi Salinas played an important role in helping Athletic defeat Schuster’s Barcelona in the 1984 Cup final. Unfortunately, it was the last time the Lions lifted the trophy but the current team is determined to win the upcoming final and take out La Gabarra for the first time in 36 years.

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