Athletic Club President Aitor Elizegi Joins UEFA Licensing Committee

Aitor Elizegi is the newest member of the UEFA Licensing Committee (AC)

Throughout his campaign last year, new Athletic President Aitor Elizegi put a heavy emphasis on the club being more involved in the world of football. As a founding member of La Liga and one of Europe’s most storied clubs, Elizegi believed that Athletic’s presence should be greater. Since winning the election in December he has already taken steps to fulfill this goal.

Elizegi took his first step towards getting Athletic more representation when he officially joined the RFEF Board of Directors in February. Now the President has joined another group that has a tremendous influence on football. Athletic have announced that Elizegi has joined the UEFA Licensing Committee.

The UEFA Licensing Committee is “one of the most important committees in football” as explained in the club’s announcement and is responsible for the following functions:

  1. Oversees the implementation and success of the objectives of the UEFA club licensing system.
  2. Makes recommendations on possible changes to the UEFA Club Licensing Regulations and the Financial Fair Play Regulations, as well as the revision of the current criteria and the creation of new criteria for the clubs.
  3. Controls the development of different processes related to licenses (evaluation process, decision making).
  4. Controls the quality management system for license providers evaluated by an external partner of UEFA.
  5. Advises on licensing issues and oversees other club matters.

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