Athletic Club Earn Over €11 Million For Participation In Last Year’s Europa League

San Mames

The San Mamés hosts a Europa League match (UEFA)

Athletic are currently one of the most financially stable clubs in all of football. The Basques consistently operate within their means and have been bringing in more revenue than ever before over the past few years. In fact, Athletic recently announced that they have set aside €76 million in a fund to protect the club from future hardships as part of their commitment to future stability.

One of the reasons for the club’s continued financial success has been their participation in European competitions. Athletic qualified for European tournaments four straight seasons before failing to do so last year under Kuko Ziganda. UEFA has now announced the prize money for each club that played in the Europa League last year which saw Athletic awarded a total of €11,340,088 which was the ninth highest among all teams.

Athletic received €2,600,000 for participating in the group stage and another €2,064,000 for winning their group. The Lions then earned €500,000 for playing the round of 32, followed by €750,000 for reaching the round of 16 where they were eliminated by Marseille. The final €5,426,098 was awarded as part of the market pool which allocates money to each country based on their value of television revenue.

Unfortunately, Athletic will not receive any money for this year’s tournament after failing to qualify last season. The Basques currently find themselves in 17th place in the La Liga table and may once again find it very difficult to secure a top seven finish in the league. That being said, the club is still in excellent financial condition and are hoping to get back to playing their best football as soon as possible.

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