Aritz Aduriz Is Chasing Europa League And Athletic Club History

Since returning to Athletic Club back in 2012 Aritz Aduriz has become one of the most feared strikers in all of football. His aerial ability is second to none and he has a knack for popping up with a goal when the team needs it the most. Taking into account the fact that he is 36 years old makes his achievements all the more impressive. The striker recently eclipsed 100 goals for Athletic Club, earning the praise of football fans across the globe, but many are not aware that he is currently chasing history.

Aritz Aduriz celebrates one of his goals against Panathinaikos (Athletic Club)

With his two goals against Panathinaikos last week, Aduriz raised his Europa League tally to 23 in total. While that might not seem like an awfully high number, it does have him tied for 9th all time in the competition. Henrik Larsson currently holds the all time record of 40 Europa League goals, which doesn’t seem like an impossible number for Aduriz to reach. He has been able to break double-digits recently and if he does so again this year it would definitely move him into reach of Larsson’s record.

Europa League aside, the Lezama product is also climbing the ladder of Athletic Club’s all-time goal scorers. Aduriz is currently sitting on 148 goals for the Lions, which again has him 9th in history. The striker should still be able to climb a few spots in the table with 8th place just four goals away. However, no one expects Aduriz to reach Telmo Zarra’s club record of 335 goals. That, in fact, may be a record that will never be broken. Still, these two numbers show just how effective and reliable Aduriz has been in his career and are just two more reasons why fans hope that the 36-year-old doesn’t retire anytime soon.

Check to table below to see just where Aritz Aduriz ranks all time in Europa League and Athletic Club scoring:

Europa League History

Athletic Club History

1st Larsson 40 goals

1st Zarra 335 goals

2nd Huntelaar 34 goals

2nd Bata 208 goals

3rd Falcao 31 goals

3rd Dani 199 goals

4th Müller 29 goals

4th Gorostiza 196 goals

5th Arveladze 27 goals

5th Iraragorri 179 goals

6th Altobelli 25 goals

6th Arieta 170 goals

7th Petric 25 goals

7th Panizo 169 goals

8th Pizarro 24 goals

8th Gainza 152 goals

9th Aduriz 23 goals

9th Aduriz 148 goals

9th Heynckes 23 goals

10th Artexe 133 goals


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