Ander Capa “The Team Is Doing Well And Good Results Will Come”

Ander Capa calls for optimism ahead of first Basque Derby (AC)

Ander Capa knows what it’s like to play at Ipurua. Having spent seven years with Eibar, the right-back is all too familiar just how strong the Armagiñak are at home. With Athletic traveling to Ipurua on Sunday for the first Basque Derby of the season Capa is eagerly looking forward to what will be a difficult fixture.

“I was with Eibar for many years and have very good memories,” Capa said during Friday’s press conference. “It’s going to be sad to see the stands empty, but I like to play at Ipurua. It will be a tough game with a lot of disputes. We know how they play at home.”

Morale is low among Athletic fans following the team’s 2-0 loss to Granada to start the season. Despite the negativity, Capa assures there’s no reason to panic and believes Athletic can come away with all three points this weekend.

“The team is fine. We’re ambitious and optimistic. We want to win and add three points at a time. No, we can’t be alarmists after losing to Granada. It was one game and you can’t draw conclusions or be an alarmist after one game. We’re going for everything at Ipurua. There is a lot ahead and we have a very good team. The season has just begun. The team is doing well and good results will come.”

Capa was also asked about the possibility of Athletic making a move before the transfer window closes on 5 October. “We have to row in the same direction,” he responded. “We have a very good team, with many great players. If anyone comes they will be welcome to try to improve the group.”

“We’re only worried about the game on Sunday.” (AC)

On a personal level Capa aims to continue in the starting lineup. The 28-year-old is still under contract through 2022, but renewal talks have already begun. “My goal is to improve and show my quality,” he said firmly. “I leave the contract issues in the hands of my agents.”

Contrary to various reports in recent days, Capa denied that the players have been asked to reduce their salaries. “No, at no time have I read or heard anything about that. That’s the truth, no. It hasn’t been spoken about among the players. We’re only worried about the game on Sunday.”

Following the loss to Granada, Athletic need a big win at Ipurua to start climbing the table. Coming away with a victory won’t be easy, but the Lions are determined to return to Bilbao with all three points in hand.

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