Gorka Guruzeta Looking Forward To Starting His Journey With Sabadell

Gorka Guruzeta is excited to start his stage with Sabadell (CES)

Gorka Guruzeta no longer wears the Zurigorri shirt. The 23-year-old left Athletic for Sabadell last week and is now looking forward to the next stage of his career. However, his time in Bilbao may not be over. Athletic retain a buy-back clause on the Lezama product but Guruzeta is only focused on the season ahead for right now.

“I know it’s there, but what I’m thinking about is helping Sabadell as much as possible,” Guruzeta said during his presentation. Sabadell return to the Segunda this season and trust that the addition of Guruzeta will help the team compete at a high level.

If Guruzeta recovers the form that saw him promoted two years ago he could quickly return to Athletic. For now, he just wants to play his best for Sabadell and enjoy his football again.

“The clause is there, but I have come to Sabadell and I’m very happy. If things go well for me that other opportunity may come up. It’s in the contract, but the important thing is that I’m here, that I’m happy, that everything goes well, and that I help the team as much as possible.”

Guruzeta has spent his entire life in the Basque Country. Playing for Sabadell will be his first experience outside of Euskal Herria, though he says the playing style resembles that of Athletic.

“The clause is there, but I have come to Sabadell and I’m very happy.” (AC)

“I spoke with Antonio Hidalgo before coming. I really liked what he told me because I’m a player that likes to link up and likes to have the ball. Then he explained to me that defensively we would have to run and push up. It’s something very similar to what we did at Athletic and that’s a positive point. I want to integrate as quickly as possible.”

Guruzeta has already played in two friendlies since signing with Sabadell. At this point he’s still working to learn the system but hopes to be ready to play the opening game of the season and fight for his place in the team.

“Now I just want to take the concepts of the coach and do everything possible to arrive at the beginning of the season in good physical shape. There is an incredible group here this season. I’ve played as a forward, midfielder, and mostly on the left wing. There are good players here. It’s good to have competition. It’s good to train every week to the fullest and to earn a position.”

Athletic’s buy-back clause is valid for the next two years. The club will be watching Guruzeta closely with hopes that he proves he’s capable of playing in the Primera. If so, Gorka Guruzeta could return to Athletic in the near future.

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