Friday Night’s Match Between Athletic And Granada Could Be Rescheduled

Athletic’s opening match against Granada could be rescheduled to the weekend (AC)

The debate over playing matches on Monday and Friday nights rages on. La Liga maintains that they have the right to set the schedule without needing authorization from the Spanish Football Federation. Meanwhile, the RFEF believe they are entitled to the final say in the matter. The two sides have been at war over the issue for years and are once again at odds.

When the opening weekend of the La Liga season was announced there was an immediate problem. Games were scheduled on Friday and Monday night. At this point, Athletic’s campaign is set to begin in just three days when the Lions travel to Granada on Friday, but that match could possibly be rescheduled.

Last year La Liga and the RFEF agreed that games would not be scheduled for Monday or Friday nights without first being negotiated. According to a report from José Félix Díaz of Marca, the RFEF were not consulted about the schedule. As a result, the Spanish Football Federation claims that the games on Monday and Friday night must be played over the weekend.

Meanwhile, La Liga contend that they have the right to set the schedule given the current situation with fans not allowed in stadiums. A trial is set for 6 October to determine which entity has the right to determine when matches are played. With that being the case there is a chance that Athletic’s trip to Granada will be pushed back to Saturday or Sunday. A final ruling will be given on Wednesday afternoon.

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