Athletic Club Finalizing Iago Herrerín’s Release

Iago Herrerin West Ham

Iago Herrerín will reportedly be allowed to leave for free this summer (EC)

Iago Herrerín wants out of Athletic. Between a lack of playing time and terrible treatment from fans, the veteran goalkeeper recently asked the club to leave this summer. Sporting Director Rafa Alkorta originally said that Herrerín would be allowed to go if another club made a convincing offer, but so far there’s been nothing formal.

A number of clubs from Turkey, Greece, Italy, Portugal, and England have been in contact with Herrerín but none of them have opened talks with Athletic. On the other hand, unnamed Spanish clubs have reached out to Athletic, but Herrerín is said to want to continue his career in another country. The recent pandemic has financially impacted every team, making it highly unlikely that anyone will try to sign Herrerín who would be free to negotiate in January.

As a result, terminating the final year of his contract looks to be Herrerín’s only chance of leaving Athletic this summer. The 32-year-old even hinted at the possibility when revealing to El Correo that he had asked the club for an exit. Until now the club had hoped to sell Herrerín to avoid losing him for free, but that doesn’t appear to be an option.

According to a report from Robert Basic of El Correo, Athletic are finalizing Herrerín’s release. The goalkeeper originally said that he would be willing to terminate his contract without any financial compensation, but that remains to be seen. Once Iago Herrerín reaches an agreement with another club, which could come in the next few days, his departure from Athletic will be announced.

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