Shoulder Surgery Not Needed For Yuri Berchiche

Yuri Berchiche Granada

Yuri Berchiche won’t need shoulder surgery this summer (AC)

Yuri Berchiche was one of football’s best left-backs last season, earning La Liga Team of the Season honors from UEFA and attracting interest from the likes of Barcelona. The 29-year-old’s second season in Bilbao was remarkable, but it’s easy to forget that Berchiche got out to a worrying start after dislocating his right shoulder in a loss to Valencia in late September.

The defender was ruled out for a few weeks but even when he returned he struggled to deal with the lingering effects of the injury. For several months Berchiche couldn’t even take throw-ins and the pain was evident on his face at times. Surgery looked to be a necessity when the season ended, though over time the issue improved and after the stoppage Berchiche was certain that an operation wouldn’t be needed.

“I’m knocking on wood, but for now it’s been resolved,” Berchiche said in an interview with Marca in early July. “I’m very happy about it because it’s given me life. As soon as we came back I noticed improvement in throw-ins where for two or three months I wasn’t even able to take them and had to let Iñigo Martinez do it. Hopefully it continues like this because it bothered me.”

Undergoing shoulder surgery would keep Berchiche out of action for approximately three months, but thankfully it won’t be necessary. According to a report from Juanma Velasco of Marca, Berchiche recently underwent tests and scans which affirmed that he doesn’t need an operation.

Through physical therapy and other measures Berchiche’s shoulder has indeed improved, although doctors will still be keeping a close eye on him moving forward. At this point, an operation will only be required in case of a serious setback. With surgery no longer needed, Yuri Berchiche will start preseason training on time with the rest of his teammates.

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