Gaizka Garitano “I Take Full Responsibility”

Gaizka Garitano Granada

Gaizka Garitano takes full responsibility for failing to qualify for Europe (AC)

The 2019/2020 La Liga season is finally over. Athletic played their last game on Sunday in a trip to Granada with nothing on the line and it showed in the performance. Athletic started strong but after conceding a goal at the half hour mark everything would fall apart. By the final whistle, Athletic had lost 4-0 in an utterly disappointing finale.

“The game was even in the first half,” Gaizka Garitano said at the end of the game. “We had opportunities to score first, but we failed to make the most of our chances. Once they scored we didn’t play well and ended up giving a bad image.”

Garitano was quick to take the blame for the loss and missing out on Europe altogether. The manager admitted that Thursday’s loss to Leganés affected the team against Granada.

“I take full responsibility. In the last game we haven’t given a good image, we finished in the worst way. The defeat on Thursday hurt us emotionally. It weighed heavily on us. We were bad today and I hold myself responsible.”


“We were bad today and I hold myself responsible.” (AC)

Failing to qualify for Europe is a massive disappointment for Athletic, but Garitano is still looking forward to the Copa Del Rey final next season. It’s clear that the team need reinforcements, but bringing in new players may prove challenging.

“I can’t give an assessment on the season as a whole because the Cup final is still to be played. After losing 4-0 this isn’t the time to make evaluation. The ideal would be to bring in some new quality next year, as all of our opponents do, but with our market it’s not easy. We will see.”

Athletic have been linked with moves for Javi Martinez and Alex Berenguer, but with the pandemic impacting clubs financially transfers may be even more difficult. Nevertheless, Athletic will have a number of players returning from loan and possible promotions that could improve the squad next season.

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  • Who do you think will be the first players inside the Club to step up and gain a place in the first squad?

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