La Gabarra Restoration Begins

Aitor Elizegi La Gabarra

The restoration process for La Gabarra should be completed by September (AC)

Last week Athletic announced an agreement with the Itsasmuseum to restore La Gabarra in a project that will cost the club approximately €200,000 to complete. The legendary boat, which was last used to celebrate a title back in 1984, is no longer seaworthy and has been sitting in dry dock on display at the Bilbao Maritime Museum for the last few years.

With Athletic having reached the Copa del Rey final the club wants to ensure that La Gabarra is available for use in case of a victory or possible titles in the future. The entire project is expected to take nine or ten weeks to finish and officially began today. The Museum posted a video on social media which showed La Gabarra being raised from its dry dock to be relocated to the location where the work will be performed.

At this point it’s unclear as to when the Cup final will be played. The match has been postponed until fans can safely attend which has many convinced that it won’t take place until next year. Regardless of when the final is eventually scheduled, Athletic are determined to lift the trophy for the first time since 1984 and celebrate a 25th Cup trophy on La Gabarra.

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