Ewan Urain Cleared To Play Six Months After Knee Surgery

Ewan Urain

Ewan Urain will be available for the promotional playoffs (ZF)

Bilbao Athletic have been one of the most exciting teams to watch in all of the Segunda B this season and are gearing up for July’s promotional playoffs. Joseba Etxeberria’s side finished the campaign with more goals than anyone else, which is made all the more impressive when considering the fact that they spent most of the season without a healthy striker.

Andoni Tascón began the year as the starting forward but was soon hampered by injuries. Ewan Urain eventually took over and scored three goals in five games while playing at a very high level. Urain was proving to be a perfect fit for the lineup but was forced to undergo surgery in December to repair a partially torn meniscus, a torn LCL, and a hyperextended ACL.

With Tascón and Urain dealing with injuries all season Etxeberria turned to defensive midfielder Iñigo Baqué to lead the attack. The decision was unconventional, but paid off as the team continued at a high level. Unfortunately, Baqué would suffer a torn ACL in January which then thrust Gorka Guruzeta into the lineup, having just returned from a torn ACL of his own.

Looking ahead to next month, Bilbao Athletic have proven that they have the quality to earn promotion but it won’t be easy without options in attack. Fortunately, Urain and Tascón returned to training a few weeks ago in hopes of being available. Urain has since been cleared to play and will be in the team for the first round, per Javier Beltrán of El Correo.

Tascón is also expected to be cleared in time for the playoffs, as will Julen Bernaola who needed surgery in December. Having Urain, and possibly Tascón, back in the team to compete with Guruzeta is a massive boost for Bilbao Athletic. Etxeberria will have more weapons than ever before and the team’s chances of earning promotional will improve as a result.

The promotional playoffs will begin on 18/19 July with the draw set to take place this Thursday. Bilbao Athletic could face either Atlético Madrid, Sabadell, or Badajoz in the first round and will need to win three straight games to move up the second division.

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