Introducing The 2020/2021 Lezama Coaching Staff

Lezama Coaches

The 2020/2021 Lezama coaching staff (AC)

Even though the remaining youth football games have been canceled due to health concerns, it’s been an incredible season for the teams at Lezama. In addition to Bilbao Athletic and Basconia both qualifying for the promotional playoffs, Athletic’s Juvenil A and B as well as the Cadete A and B teams were all crowned champions after fantastic campaigns. As a whole, the season has been a roaring success.

In a recent interview Assistant Sporting Director Andoni Ayarza confirmed that there wouldn’t be many coaching changes at the academy. “It’s a sign that things are on the right track,” he said, “and if things are going well, there’s not usually many changes.” Ayarza was true to his word, though there will be a few minor alterations.

On Tuesday Athletic officially announced the Lezama coaching staff for the 2020/2021 season with no departures or new additions. However, three coaches will rotate teams and, with one less second-year Alevín squad, Joseba Núñez will no longer be a head coach.

As expected, the four oldest teams will remain the same. Joseba Etxeberria will continue to coach Bilbao Athletic, Patxi Salinas will stay with Basconia, Imanol De La Sota will look to build on an impressive year with Juvenil A, and Jon Solaun will once agin oversee Juvenil B.

The first change comes with Txema Añibarro coming up from Infantil B to coach Cadete A. He will be replacing Ander Alaña who will move down to Cadete B. Andoni Galiano, who coached Cadete B this season, will take over Infantil B for the upcoming campaign. The remaining coaches will continue with their current teams.

The 2020/2019 Lezama Coaching Staff:

Joseba Etxeberria – Bilbao Athletic
Patxi Salinas – CD Basconia
Imanol de la Sota – Juvenil A
Jon Solaun – Juvenil B
Txema Añibarro – Cadete A
Ander Alaña – Cadete B
Oskar Alkorta – Infantil San Mamés 2007
Andoni Galiano – Infantil Alirón 2007
Joseba Lertxundi – Infantil San Mamés 2008
Igor Pelayo – Infantil Alirón 2008
Jon Kareaga – Alevín 2009
Patrik Guerra – Alevín San Mamés 2010
Ander Lafuente – Alevín Alirón 2010

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