Athletic Will Begin Training In Small Groups On Monday

Training Lezama

The first team will be allowed to train in groups of 10 starting on Monday (AC)

Football is one step closer to returning. After passing Covid-19 tests, the Athletic first team players began training individually at Lezama last weekend and have been required to follow strict guidelines. Locker rooms have been closed and players have been isolated from each other, but phase two of training is about to begin.

Teams have been informed by the league that small groups will be allowed to train together starting on Monday. The government has deemed it appropriate for groups of 14 to work together, but La Liga will only allow groups of 10 including coaches. In this phase the locker rooms will be opened and technical meetings are allowed with groups up to 15 people which also includes the coaches as well.

After players underwent a second round of Covid-19 testing on Friday, the club has announced that the first team will begin training in small groups on Monday. The squad will be split into three groups with sessions beginning at 9:30am each day with a rest day given on Sunday.

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