Fernando Lamikiz “Athletic Is The Club Best Prepared For This Moment”

Aitor Elizegi Lamikiz Urquijo Arrate Lertxundi

Fernando Lamikiz alongside other Athletic presidents (AC)

As football is gearing up for a return in Spain life is still very far from normal. Some are excited that there could be games to watch again, but others don’t see football as a priority right now given the health concerns. Former Athletic president Fernando Lamikiz falls in the second category and recently spoke with Onda Vasca about his thoughts on the season resuming.

“I’m quite agnostic with football right now. Football will change. Nobody knows how much, but it will. I don’t like the spectacle of these 60 days. Despite the economic importance of football there is a health and economic problem that nobody knows how it will end of what will happen to the lives of people.”

The transfer rumor mill has continued to turn even without games being played and Lamikiz is frustrated at seeing so many clubs linked with highly expensive moves. “It’s immoral to talk about transfers and these prices,” he says. “Meaning has been lost on all sides, apart from the fact that the salaries of players are out of control.”

Ultimately, Lamikiz is confident that Athletic is in a much better position than most other clubs right now. The Zurigorri have no debts and can trust in Lezama while others don’t have the same luxury.

“Athletic is the club best prepared for this moment. First, due to having free cash, it’s a club without debts, and because it also has an academy that is going to be revitalized by not seeing so many signings. The bad thing is that Ibaigane’s salary mass has grown significantly in recent years and not according to the market. Perhaps it’s because of our way of seeing football. Others will have a worse time.”

La Liga have already instructed clubs to prioritize promoting youth players over transfer singings in the upcoming window, which gives Athletic a major advantage. Because of the club’s unique philosophy, Athletic are better suited to handle the economic impact of the football stoppage and health crisis in the country.

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