Oberena Starlet Jesús Vizcay Signs With Lezama


Lezama will welcome a number of new players next season (AC)

Athletic’s reach throughout the Basque Country is wide. Although the majority of young players come from Bizkaia, the club also does an exceptional job identifying and recruiting from neighboring regions as well. The success wouldn’t be possible without having partnerships with other clubs which has also greatly benefited Athletic, especially in Nafarroa.

A number of youth clubs from Pamplona have partnered with Athletic, namely Txantrea who have had an agreement with the Zurigorri for nearly 50 years. Players such as Iker Muniain and Mikel San José have come from Pamplona, but unfortunately Athletic won’t be incorporating as many top players from the area this summer as is usually the case.

Athletic have been monitoring a number of exciting young players from partnered clubs in Pamplona, but five will not be joining Lezama next season. Txantrea’s Javier Cambra, Tiago Galhardo, and Lucas Chamarro have all signed with Osasuna along with Ibai Arrasate from CD Pamplona and Unai Larrea from Oberena.

All five had participated in tournaments with Athletic and were expected to sign with the club. However, their parents ultimately chose to prioritize staying closer to home. Andoni Ayarza had been following the players very closely before the football stoppage which likely played a major role in the decisions. While it’s normal for some players to accept offers from other clubs, the feeling is that Athletic missed out on five promising starlets.

On the other hand, Athletic did secure one top prospect. Oberena striker Jesús Vizcay has signed with Lezama and will join the Cadete A team in August, per La Cantera De Lezama. Vizcay is one of the most promising young forwards in area and has represented the Nafarroa U14 team on multiple occasions. Athletic and Oberena have had a partnership since 2017 and the Zurigorri hope to recruit more great players in the future. In other news Athletic have also signed Xabi Bernal from Bizkaian club Abadiño who will join Lezama ahead of next season.

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