Doctor Josean Lekue “Our Focus Has Always Been The Players”

Unai Nunez Jose Lekue Testing Medical

Dr. Josean Lekue taking temperatures as players report for medical testing (AC)

The La Liga season might return, but then again it might not. There’s still plenty of uncertainty about what will happen with the remainder of the season. For now, players have returned to training in hopes that football will be back soon, although getting back on the field hasn’t been easy.

Clubs must follow very strict guidelines for training which, for now, requires everyone to work out individually. Further sanitation measures are required at club facilities and on Tuesday Athletic Doctor Josean Lekue spoke about the importance of following the procedures in place.

“The measures that we have taken at Lezama include, on the one hand, the general measures that are being advocated by the health authors. The general framework is based on those measures that are constantly being repeated, which are personal hygiene and physical distancing. In our specific case, we are naturally obliged to contemplate all of the measures that the league has specified in the protocol of returning to training.”

Dr. Lekue is taking the measures and situation very seriously. “I am demanding and we have established a work routine that, beyond some specific discomfort, is allowing us to be very rigorous in observing the measures that are required of us,” he said. Furthermore, the club is making it a point to remind the players of what they need to be doing each day to stay safe.

“It’s now very important that we continue to transmit to our players and other club employees the importance of being very rigorous with all measures that are required of us. We have to get used to this day to day. It’s an important exercise that we are all undergoing from a medical point of view.”

Ander Capa Jose Lekue Testing Medical

“We have to get used to this day to day.” (AC)

Players were isolated at home for nearly two weeks, during which the coaching staff provided each with individualized training programs. Dr. Lekue explained that the medical staff also monitored the players closely in preparation for training to resume.

“Our focus has always been the players. Training in such special condition like being at home involved added physical and psychological stress. It forced us to have daily contact with them and monitor their tasks to prepare them in some way for this moment we are living, which is returning to training.”

The Athletic first team have been training since Sunday after all players and staff passed Covid-19 testing days prior. At this point teams can only take it one day at a time but there is hope that small groups will be allowed to train together soon. La Liga aims to resume matches by 12 June, though everything depends on the government giving permission for football to return.

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