Patxi Salinas “The Boys Have Had An Incredible Season”

Patxi Salinas Basconia

Patxi Salinas has led Basconia to a top four finish in his first season (AC)

Bilbao Athletic and Basconia will both compete in promotional playoffs together for the first time in 17 years. The two Athletic reserve sides have enjoyed impressive seasons, finishing in the top four of their respective tables, and the chance to compete for promotion is a deserved reward.

“I would love to earn promotion with Basconia,” said Basconia manager Patxi Salinas while answering questions on Instagram. “We are going to fight for it. The boys have had an incredible season and it isn’t easy with a team of young players. We went 14 spectacular games without losing and we rose to fourth place. We deserve to compete in the playoffs.”

Basconia’s first match will be against Portugalete with the winner facing either Sestao River or Vitoria in the final. The Basauritarras didn’t lose to Portugalete during the regular season but Salinas knows it won’t be an easy match.

“If we play the playoff there is only one game that we have to win and we will try to win it. In the league we were lucky to draw at home and win 2-0 on the road. We have been quite a good team and our opponent will be strong. Facing against a great team like Portu, who finished first, has its own merits. We will have to fight. Hopefully we can play and if not we can say that we finished fourth which is a good achievement.”

There has yet to be a confirmed date for when the playoffs will take place. Everything will depend on whether or not the Minister of Health allows football to return and Basconia are currently waiting to be able to train again. “We haven’t played for two months and we have to see the response of the players when training again,” said Salinas. Even if Basconia win promotion they team will only be able to move up to the Segunda B if Bilbao Athletic earn promotion as well.

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