Nico Williams And Nico Serrano Promoted To Bilbao Athletic

Nico Williams Nico Serrano

Nico Williams and Nico Serrano will be promoted to Bilbao Athletic next season (AC)

Lezama is filled with many promising young players, but there are always a select few starlets that seemed destined for greatness. At the moment, no one stands out as much as Nico Serrano and Nico Williams. The 17-years-olds are arguably the top upcoming talents in all of the Basque Country and have enjoyed remarkable seasons with Athletic’s Juvenil A team this year.

Serrano led the team in scoring with 14 goals from 19 appearances, while Williams added 6 goals of his own along with numerous assists. The pair also represented Spain at the international level with Serrano and Williams featuring with the U17 and U18 teams respectively. Williams even made his Basconia debut at the beginning of the season.

In light of their impressive performances, Athletic officially announced on Monday that both Serrano and Williams will be promoted to Bilbao Athletic for the 2020/2021 season. Skipping Basconia comes as no surprises and Athletic’s confirmation of the promotion shows just how much faith the club has in their quality and potential.

Serrano is a gifted left-winger who is capable of scoring goals and creating chances for others. Although best out wide, he’s can also play in a more central position. Williams is similar to his older brother, Iñaki Williams, in that he normally plays on the right side of the attack but is also able to feature up top. Next season, Nico Serrano and Nico Williams will have the opportunity to compete for minutes at Bilbao Athletic as they pursue their dreams of one day reaching the first team.

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