Iñaki Williams “Today The Ball Was Square Instead Of Round”

Inaki Williams Training

Iñaki Williams was excited to be back in training at Lezama (AC)

Sunday’s training session at Lezama was far from normal, but it was training. The Athletic first team returned to the field 58 days after their last session and were very excited to be back even though everyone had to work individually while following strict guidelines.

“We had everything prepared for training,” Iñaki Williams told El Partidazo on Sunday night. “We knew we what we had to do, only two-by-two as La Liga has told us, in very reduced groups. We worked in the gym, ran, and then kicked the ball in exercises with the coaches.”

After nearly two months of not being able to kick a ball, Williams admitted that there was some rust to shake off. “The truth is that today the ball was square instead of round,” he said jokingly. “You lose touch without touching a ball for so long. It was difficult but a nice reunion.”

All in all, the players are thrilled to be back training at Lezama. “We returned with a lot of desire,” said Williams. “It makes us very excited to feel like a footballer again after so many days of not seeing our teammates, even though there can be no hugs. It’s appreciated and I hope that soon we can return to training in the best possible way as normal.” La Liga aims to resume matches by 20 June, but teams could be back in action even earlier.

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