Athletic Sign 4 Youth Players To Join Lezama


Four Youth players have signed with Lezama (AC)

As professional football in Spain ramps up for a return in the coming weeks, the remaining youth football matches have been canceled due to health concerns. No more games will be played, which complicates Athletic’s ability to scout and evaluate young players, but moves are already being made to incorporate some of the most promising footballers in the area.

A total of four youth players have already been signed by Lezama, per La Cantera De Lezama. Goalkeeper Mikel Santos (2004) comes from Danok Bat and will join the Juvenil B team next season. Santos will actually be returning to Lezama. He originally enrolled in the academy when he was 9 years old but was cut three seasons ago.

Santutxu pair Markel Arteta and Álvaro Sánchez will join the Cadete A team at Lezama, as will Lander Higuero who comes from Barakaldo. Sánchez and Higeruo are exciting players in front of goal, scoring 10 and 19 goals respectively this season.

More youth signings will be made in the months ahead as Athletic are always looking to add the very best young players to Lezama. In addition, the club will soon begin making decisions on which players already enrolled at the academy will be promoted or leave the club.

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