Gaizka Larrazabal “Playing Football Is What I Like The Most”

Gaizka Larrazabal Training

Gaizka Larrazabal is eager for the season to return (AC)

For the first time in nearly two months citizens in Spain were allowed to leave their homes today to exercise outside. It was a moment of celebration and relief as the country has been under quarantine, but there is still a long way to go before life returns to some version of normal.

“It’s a joy to run outside and that others can also do it,” said Athletic winger Gaizka Larrazabal while speaking with ETB. “Many haven’t had the luck to go out on the street to exercise and they will surely be able to enjoy this day.”

With restrictions being lifted, La Liga players will be allowed to return to club facilities next week. Testing must be conducted first, but being back in training gives hope that the season will be able to resume.

“Supposedly when the tests are done, and we will know the results after 48 hours, we will start training individually and little by little we’ll see how the phases evolve. Playing football is what I like the most. I would love for the season to resume, but as long as everything is in order. Health comes first and the competition can continue when things have improved.”

Larrazabal hasn’t played regular minutes this season, but if the campaign does return he will likely have more chances. With players having spent so long off the field and games needing to take place every few days, depth will be more important than ever before.

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