Ander Capa “I Hope We Can Play Again”

Ander Capa Osasuna

Ander Capa doesn’t want the remainder of the season to be canceled (AC)

Adjusting to life during quarantine has been a challenge. Football players who are used to having games every week and training each day have been forced to stay home and try to stay in the best shape possible. There is hope that the season will return soon but until then players must continue following their routines.

“I spend practically all day in my tracksuit,” Ander Capa jokingly told Fernando Carnerero of Marca in addition to explaining that he works out “a minimum of two hours a day.”

While most people haven’t been allowed to leave their homes other than to purchase necessary items, Capa has had a bit more freedom as a dog owner. “I take the dogs out to walk three times a day – in the morning, afternoon, and evening,” he explained.

Capa has slowly gotten used to the temporary situation but he’s still ready for life to return to normal. “I miss seeing my family, friends, going out for a drink and dinner, and going to train with the team,” he said. “There’s too many things that I miss really.” As far the season is concerned, the defender is hopeful that football will return while also recognizing that if the campaign is canceled Athletic will qualify for Europe.

“We were living a beautiful season and it would be a shame not to be able to enjoy an exciting final stage. I hope we can play again. If not, and from the news I read, it seems that we wouldn’t be very disadvantaged.”

At the moment plans are being made for players to return to training facilities on 4 May in hopes of resuming the campaign in June. However, everything depends on whether or not the government will allow football to return this season.

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