Yeray “We Believe That We Will Be Able To Take Out La Gabarra”

Yeray Copa Barcelona

Yeray is confident that Athletic can win the Cup final (AC)

It’s been 43 days since Spain’s nation-wide lockdown went into effect and now there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. La Liga is determined to finish the season and plans are being made for teams to return to training. Everything hinges on whether or not the government will allow it happen, but the latest talk is that players could be back together within the next few weeks.

“I miss going out, being with family, and the daily workouts at Lezama,” Yeray said during an interview with Radio Euskadi. “You have to try to handle it the best way you can. Even going outside to throw away the trash makes me happy.”

Teams could be allowed to return to training at early as 4 May, though Yeray isn’t trusting in anything until something is official.

“We aren’t sure when we will be able to return to training because every day something different is said. We have no idea. A couple of days ago it seemed that we would go take tests at Lezama and then it didn’t happen We want to play, but as long as the health of others isn’t at risk. The health of all people is what’s important right now.”

Clubs hope to be able to finish the La Liga season, but the Copa del Rey final remains the biggest priority for Athletic. “The Cup final is an award,” said Yeray. “We continue to be excited about it. We believe that it will be played and that we will be able to take out La Gabarra. Getting there was very difficult because we suffered a lot in games against teams from the Segunda.”

An agreement has been reached to postpone the Cup final until fans can safely attend the match, making it likely that the game won’t take place until next season. However, UEFA’s recent announcement which requires that all matches be played if it all possible could force Athletic and Real Sociedad to have the final behind closed doors.

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