Iñaki Williams “We Want Games To Be Played, But With Total Security”

Inaki Williams Valladolid

Iñaki Williams is eager to get back on the field (AC)

It may only be a matter of time before football returns. Teams may be allowed to return to training in early May, with the goal of holding games behind closed doors, and players are excited about the possibility of getting back onto the field.

“We’re eager to play football again,” Iñaki Williams recently told TVE. “What we want is for the games to be played, but with total security. It’s not only the 22 players that are on the field. The priority right now is that all the sick are cured and no one else is getting infected. We know this is a bad time for many people.”

Unfortunately, reports claim that fans will likely not be allowed in stadiums until December at the earliest. “When football returns it will be behind closed doors and it will be sad to go to San Mamés and see it empty,” admitted Williams. “It will be a handicap for us. We are very supported by our fans, but you have to have common sense and not put more people at risk.”

As part of Spain’s measures to combat the pandemic there’s been a lock down in the country for several weeks. Having to stay home every day can be difficult, but Williams has tried to make the most of it.

“I’m always joking around and start dancing and doing shows to make my girlfriend laugh. I’m listening to a lot of French rap and raggaeton. I make the locker room crazy listening to raggaeton so any song that sounds like raggaeton I can dance to perfection.”

Inaki Williams Copa Granada

“We know this is a bad time for many people.” (EC)

During the interview Williams also revealed that his mother has always been a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo and that he was happy to be able to get her signed shirt after a match.

“I have a shirt that I love because my mother really likes Cristiano Ronaldo for all the effort he’s made to get where he is. He’s also had very hard things in his family that can be compared to what I have experienced. In one game against Real Madrid I asked for his shirt as a gift for my mother. He signed the shirt for me and I gave it to my mother. She was delighted.”

Iñaki Williams has become a fan favorite at San Mamés since breaking into the first team  and plans to spend his entire career with Athletic. The 25-year-old currently holds the Athletic record for most consecutive games played in La Liga and aims to continue his pursuit of the overall league record once football returns.

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