Gaizka Toquero Weighs In On How The Football Stoppage Could Affect Players

Gaizka Toquero

Gaizka Toquero honored in a tribute at San Mamés (AC)

The world of football has entered uncharted waters. Uncertainty surrounds the remainder of the season, as well as the next campaign, and clubs are already experiencing significant revenue loss. In the midst of the situation players are quarantined at home and have no clarity of what will happen in the weeks and months ahead with most having already taken wage reductions.

In times such as this there are many ideas, thoughts, and opinions and those with unique perspectives are able to give a fresh perspective. Former Athletic striker Gaizka Toquero sees the situation through a different lens. After playing football from Spain’s third tier all the way up to the first division and in Europe, the 35-year-old has become a sports agent and can look at everything from various points of view.

“There are players who end their contracts on 30 June and are awaiting news,” Toquero said in regard to some of his clients while speaking with Roberto Basic of El Correo. “The logical thing would be for the deadlines to be relaxed because we are talking about a greater cause. FIFA has already requested and advised it, but don’t have the power to impose it.”

Toquero also has questions over how the revenue loss will impact players in the future. Reductions have already been made by many clubs and the 35-year-old sees it as his responsibility to to ensure that his clients feel protected.

“Many football players are uneasy because they have no certainty regarding their salaries. Will they make everything? Just partial? If the televisions don’t pay their full revenue what will happens with budgets? If my agent told me that I would make the same wages during this situation I would feel bad. I couldn’t imagine doing it. I’m trying to make sure that my players are well and help them in everything. The players need to feel safe and cared for right now.”

As a former player, Toquero acknowledged that footballers will need time to get back in shape once the season returns. “Stopping football for 15 days isn’t the same as doing it for a month and a half or more,” he said. “When will the league resume? What about the rest of the competitions? There’s a lot that goes into it all.” Several issues must still be resolved, but plans are being made for football to return this season.

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