Ander Capa “It’s My First Final And I Dream Of It More Now Than Ever”

Ander Capa Training

Ander Capa is ready to be back training at Lezama (AC)

Ander Capa has been playing professional football since 2011 but has never been in a final. Throughout his career the right-back dreamed of one day wearing the Athletic shirt, which has now come true, and his next goal is to help the Lions lift the Copa del Rey title. Unfortunately, the Cup final will likely have to wait until next season due to the ongoing health crisis.

“It’s a little sad,” Capa told Radio Popular. “I’ve always wanted to reach a final with Athletic now that I have this happens. Hopefully it can be played sometime. It’s my first final and I dream of it more now than ever.”

The final has been officially postponed until fans can safely attend the match which could see it played as late as spring of 2021. “On the one hand it’s fine because playing behind closed doors would be sad and I can’t imagine that, but a year is too long,” Capa explained. “It’s too long to wait for the final. We would have to keep Aduriz until he lifts the Cup.”

In time players have grown more used to the current situation, but there is still eagerness to get back on the field. For now, football must wait until the pandemic improves.

“We want to play again but the main thing is health. Until the healthcare experts say so, it’s time to wait. I’m optimistic and I think the league will be played again. I hope that we will be playing by June, although we haven’t been told anything about dates. If they told me two months ago that all this was going to happen I would have laughed.”

Until football returns players must do their best to stay in shape at home. Athletic provide daily training plans for each player, but it can’t replace being on the field.

Ander Capa Copa Granada

“We want to play again but the main thing is health.” (AC)

“Training at home and at Lezama are not the same. Training at home is not going very well and I’ve added some weight. I want to go back to training at Lezama and playing, although there’s still that uncertainty of not knowing when we will return.”

Capa explained that, at first, he was keeping a close eye on the news. Over time he’s made it a point to distance himself from it all.

“I’ve disconnected a bit. When the confinement began I would get up and watch how things were going, but day after day that tires you. I do know that it’s improving. Luckily my family is doing well. I enjoy seeing everyone come out to applaud the workers each night and on the day of the final they were playing be anthem.”

The football stoppage is already hurting clubs from a financial aspect and Athletic recently announced that the first team players had agreed to a wage reduction to protect the rest of the employees. “We all came to an agreement to keep the other positions, those at Lezama, because we were aware that this situation would affect everybody.” Athletic has always been referred to as a family and that’s being seen now more than ever.

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