Proposal For Segunda B Pro League Would Include Bilbao Athletic

Oihan Sancet Bilbao Athletic Celebrate

Bilbao Athletic could compete in the proposed Segunda B Pro next season (AC)

It’s been well over a month since all football stopped in Spain. Games aren’t being played, teams aren’t training, and players are quarantined at home as part of the measures in place to help combat the health crisis. In the midst of uncertainty La Liga and the Spanish Football Federation are constantly working on plans for how to resume the season.

The goal at the moment is for both La Liga and the Segunda to resume and be completed. However, the current proposal for the lower levels is to cancel the remaining matches and hold the promotional playoffs while also not having relegation. In light of the current situation, and the growing belief that the Segunda B is too congested, many bigger clubs in the tier see this as an opportunity for restructure.

According to a report from Marca, several Segunda B sides have formally proposed an idea of adding a new league that will act as an intermediary between Segunda and Segunda B. For now, this possible level is being called Segunda B Pro.

Several things would have to happen for Segunda B Pro to become a reality such as discussions being held and reaching agreements with clubs and the RFEF. However, the proposal has already laid out many important details. Out of the 80 clubs in the Segunda B, 40 would form the new league which would consist of two groups separated by geographical area, most likely North and South.

Selecting the 40 clubs to form the Segunda B Pro would be based on the current season. To begin with, the 4 clubs relegated from the second division would enter the new league as would the 12 teams that participate in the promotional playoffs but fail to move up. The rest would consist of all clubs who finish between 5th and 10th in their group tables.

Based on this proposal, if Bilbao Athletic do not earn promotion through the playoffs then Joseba Etxeberria’s side would qualify for the Segunda B Pro. At this point the Spanish Football Federation have received the proposal backed by a majority of clubs and are taking it into consideration.

Naturally, some clubs in the Segunda B are in disagreement and have offered a different idea which would see the 21 reserve teams in the competition form their own league. This possibility has been emphatically rejected by a multitude of clubs.

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