Julen Guerrero “It Seems Predestined For Athletic To Lift The Cup”

Julen Guerrero Spain

Julen Guerrero believes Athletic are destined to win the Cup title (RFEF)

The Copa del Rey final should be kicking off in just a few hours but that won’t be happening. Because of the ongoing health crisis throughout the world football has been put on hold and the match between Athletic and Real Sociedad must wait. Although there are far more important matters at the moment, the players and fans are eagerly awaiting the final now more than ever.

“We are waiting for it to be played,” Athletic legend Julen Guerrero told El Larguero. “It’s everyone’s wish. It’s historic for the two rials, for Athletic after several finals against Barcelona and also for La Real who are playing great football. It’s a very nice final that will have a unique atmosphere.”

Over the past month there has been talk of playing the final behind closed doors but the clubs object that possibility. Both teams, as well as the Spanish Football Federation, are willing to wait as long as possible in hopes that fans will be able to attend.

“It would be sad to play it without an audience, without a soul. These are two special clubs and football in the Basque Country is lived in a special way with fans who go out of their way for their teams. They don’t have the possibility of winning titles every year so both teams have an enormous hope to life the trophy.”

Before the football stoppage Real Sociedad were in better form. Imanol Alguacil’s side currently sit 4th in the table, as opposed to Athletic who are in 10th, but Guerrero believes the break will also be a factor.

Luis De La Fuente Julen guerrero

“Both teams have an enormous hope to lift the trophy.” (RFEF)

“Time can change things. It’s already been a month and that could regulate both teams. Real have played great football and were at a very high level in the semifinal. I also think  that Athletic have a little more experience because they have played finals in recent years. It’s a very even final and I would say 50% for each team.”

Regardless of form, Guerrero points out that the Copa del Rey has long been an important tournament for Athletic who have won the title 24 times. Seeing as how the Lions have overcome many trials to reach the final, the former captain is convinced that Athletic are destined to lift the trophy once again.

“The Cup is special in Bilbao. It’s been a long time since Athletic won it although it’s been close. It seems that this year could be the definitive one because of how Athletic reached the final with extra time and penalty kicks. When you go through the rounds suffering this way, that’s when you win. It seems predestined for Athletic to lift the Cup.”

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