Iago Herrerín “The Greatest Virtue Of A Goalkeeper Has To Be Mental Strength”

Iago Herrerin Atletico Madrid

Iago Herrerín says goalkeeper is the most demanding position in football (LaLiga)

It’s been over a month since Athletic last took the field but the club has worked hard to stay connected with fans. Aside from doing fun things on social media and replaying past games on AthleticTV, the Lions have also been holding virtual press conferences where fans have the chance to ask players questions. On Friday, Iago Herrerín was the latest player to take part and did so along with Bilbao Basket manager Alex Mumbrú.

Herrerín, a huge fan of basketball, regularly attends Bilbao Basket games and has built a personal relationship with Mumbrú. Although born in Barcelona, Mumbrú has quickly come to love his new home. “It’s impossible to be a child in Bilbao and not be Athletic,” he said. “My chidden go to school wearing Athletic shirts.”

Apart from basketball, Herrerín spoke candidly about the challenges of being a goalkeeper. In his opinion, it’s the most exposed position in football and always put under the microscope.

“Goalkeepers are always in the eye of the hurricane, it’s the life of a goalkeeper. I have talked about it with Gorka (Iraizoz), with Kepa, and with Unai (Simón). All the rules of football go against goalkeepers. Also replay has killed us. When you make a mistake it looks very clear because of the position.”

Being a goalkeeper isn’t easy. Mistakes are analyzed very closely and as Herrerín points out, former success can be striped away with one bad performance.

Iago Herrerin Training

“Goalkeepers are always in the eye of a hurricane.” (AC)

“You see a goalkeeper who has been playing well for five years and then makes a mistake and all of that is forgotten. Social media is difficult. The greatest virtue of a goalkeeper has to be mental strength. It’s vital to know how to live with mistakes and make it normal because no one is exempt from mistakes.”

Like everyone else, Herrerín is eagerly looking forward to the Copa del Rey final. Several players have been asked if they will get tattoos if Athletic win, but Herrerín is in a different situation. “I already have a lot of tattoos,” he pointed out. “If we win the Cup final, if it can be played, I will do something with Unai Núñez like dye our hair blonde or shave my hair. It will be something simple.”

Over the past few weeks Herrerín has been outspoken about possibly leaving Athletic at the end of the season. Having lost his place to Unai Simón, the 32-year-old is unhappy with his situation and already has offers from other clubs. On the other hand, Athletic want Iago Herrerín to stay for the final year of his contract and as long as he is in Bilbao he’s committed to giving everything for the Zurigorri.

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