Dani García “As Long As We Can Play The Final With Fans It Doesn’t Matter When It’s Played”

Dani Garcia

Dani García can’t imagine playing the Cup final without fans (AC)

Spain’s decision to start allowing select non-essential workers to return to their jobs could be the first step towards the La Liga season resuming. In fact, Real Sociedad could become the first team to return to training after announcing plans to do so on Tuesday. La Real will have to follow strict guidelines if allowed to start training again, but some believe it’s too early and dangerous.

“I see it as very risky, but if they come back it’s because they have been given the go-ahead,” said Athletic midfielder Dani García during an interview with Tablero Deportivo. “I don’t know the situation because the state of alarm is until the 26th, but if teams start training little by little it would be good news.”

Considering that the Covid-19 pandemic is still affecting those in Spain, García says football shouldn’t be a priority right now.

“If every time you turn on the news and see that there have been more deaths and more people infected then football remains secondary. My sister was on Erasmus in Italy and went fourteen days without leaving home. In the end they let her come home and now it’s been like that here for another month.”

Everyone is anxious for the season to return but there are other important matters. “I believe that the work being done to stop this pandemic must be valued and we shouldn’t rush for football to return without having solved the most import thing beforehand,” said García.

Dani Garcia Training

García says returning to training right now would be “very risky.” (MD)

Apart from La Liga, Athletic are also waiting to find out when the Copa del Rey will be rescheduled. Even if takes several months García is adamant that it can only be played when fans are allowed to attend.

“As long as we can play the final with the fans it doesn’t matter when it’s played. I think it could be played until December. Let it be played when it’s played, but the most important thing is that what’s happening in the world right now ends. From there a date will be decided, but trying to schedule it right now shouldn’t be in anyone’s head because we don’t know when we are going to even be able to leave our homes or when we are going to train again or if the season is going to be played or not. I was positive a month ago but seeing what’s happening now you have to be cautious.”

Athletic are in the final stages of reaching an agreement with the players for a wage reduction in light of the football stoppage. “We have already left it up to the club that if it’s needed we are going to do our part,” assured García. “We are waiting for it.” Patience continues to be the key at the moment as the immediate future of football is still full of uncertainty.

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