Athletic And Players Close To Reaching Wage Reduction Agreement

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Athletic players are willing to lower wages if needed by the club (AC)

Each football club in La Liga is in a different financial situation, although everyone is being impacted by the stoppage due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The current season has been brought to a halt with no clear idea as to when or if it will resume. Without games being played or television revenue being shared the impact will be significant and clubs must decide how to handle the difficult situation.

Some have already chosen to file for ERTE which will drastically lower wages and allow for governmental assistance. Others, such as Real Madrid, have reached an agreement with the players to reduce wages which is the model that Athletic will follow. The Basques have already ruled out the possibility of ERTE and have been in talks with the captains over the past few days to come to an agreement.

According to a report from Juanma Velasco of Marca, the club and players are close to finalizing an agreement. Although the details are still being discussed with the captains, the model is quite simple. The percentage of wage decrease will be based on what happens with the remainder of the season such as if play resumes or not and if fans will be able to attend matches.

Over the past few weeks many players have publicly stated that they are willing to lower their wages if the club was in need. Athletic may be the most financially stable club in La Liga, but the Lions won’t be immune to the repercussions of the football stoppage. With president Aitor Elizegi and the Board holding teleconferences every Sunday, an announcement could come as early as next week.

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