Ibai Gómez “Since The Creation Of The Mute Button I Like Social Media”

Ibai Gomez Inigo Martinez Training

Ibai Gómez handles criticism much better than in the past (AC)

The football stoppage has put players in a unique and challenging situation. While it’s difficult to stay in shape while only able to train at home, those with families have more time to spend with their partners and children than ever before. Ultimately, everyone is eagerly awaiting the possible return of the season even though there’s uncertainty at the moment.

“We have no idea, it all depends on when the situation is resolved,” answered Ibai Gómez when asked about the season while being interviewed by VodafoneYu. “It’s the only objective that we have, footballers and citizens, that the situation is resolved. Once it’s been resolved we will see how things are going.”

Gómez also admitted that the players really didn’t understand the severity of the covid-19 outbreak in the beginning. “At first, when we didn’t understand the seriousness of the matter, it was annoying,” he said. “But seeing the gravity of things football is on a totally secondary level.”

With many players taking the time to compete in FIFA20 tournaments the 30-year-old was jokingly asked if he would be willing to play the Copa del Rey final on the video game instead. “I prefer not to, we will play it as normal,” he responded laughing. “Anytime, but on the grass.”

Speaking of the video game, Gómez mentioned that he doesn’t really play it often but has seen his statistics. Although he would change a few things he sees the 80 rating as fair.

Ibai Gomez Real Sociedad

“I share what I feel and people seem to appreciate it.” (AC)

“I have no idea why I don’t usually play, but the whole team said it was better. My rating is an 80 which seems fair enough to me for how I’ve played. It’s not bad. I would lower my dribbling and raise my defending, but since I have the label of not defending it’s hard to change it.”

In the past Gómez struggled with criticism on social media but says he’s been doing much better over the past few years. Being able to mute people has helped a lot and now he just tries to share parts of his life to help others.

“At first I was doing badly with social media. It was difficult because you come to the Primera and you’re suddenly exposed, but little by little I’ve learned how to take it. I handle it better and now it doesn’t affect. Since the creation of the mute button I like social media. People can write but they don’t know that I’m not reading it and I don’t have to see the messages. It’s wonderful. I share what I feel, experiences and injuries, and people seem to appreciate it. I like to teach what I’m doing, what is going well for me, and what I think is healthy.”

Gómez’s return to Athletic hasn’t quite been what he had originally anticipated. When the winger joined from Alavés last January he was expected to earn a starting role, but has instead featured mainly off the bench. The future is uncertain, but for now Ibai Gómez just wants to compete for his place in the team and do everything he can to help the Lions lift the Cup title.

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