Rafa Alkorta “We Are Already Planning The Squads For Next Year”

Rafa Alkorta

Rafa Alkorta is already working with coaches on plans for next season (AC)

Football may have come to a stop but there is still much work to be done. Although it’s uncertain as to whether or not the current season will resume, football will return at some point and club’s have to start preparing for the future more than ever before. For Athletic Sporting Director Rafa Alkorta there hasn’t been much of a break.

“Life is quite similar, I’m not bored,” Alkorta told Nacho Aranda during a virtual interview on Sunday. “There are meetings through technology that are like the ones we had at Lezama. It’s not the same, but we are already planning the squads for next year, the youth teams, and watching football on the computer.”

As a former player and coach, Alkorta knows football but isn’t as comfortable with the financial aspects. “My life has been changed by decision-making,” he admitted. “I’m not an economist so I lean on Jon Berasategi (Athletic’s Director General) who is phenomenal.”

Alkorta went on to explain that being in the role of Sporting Director has cast him back into the spotlight. “I do feel exposed again, like in my time as a footballer, to the public because they make their opinions known to me on Twitter especially. I have different perspectives with the media now. Having worked with them helps me understand many things.”

Football has changed immensely since Alkorta was a player. “Here they have agents at 13 or 14 years old,” he said humorously. “We speak first with the parents, but the representatives also come to meetings.” Adjusting to the new age of football is a necessity in the modern era.

It goes without saying that the health of the public is the only priority at the moment. At the same time, football is also a concern with fans hoping that the campaign can be completed. “I suspect that the league is going to be finished, although I don’t know when,” said Alkorta. Aside from the league, Athletic’s dream of lifting the Copa del Rey title lives on.

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