Lezama Facing Youth Recruitment Challenges Due To Football Stoppage


Lezama normally hosts spring tournaments to assess youth players (AC)

The world of football faces of unique time of uncertainty. Due to the coronavirus pandemic sport has been brought to a halt and there is no clear idea as to when, or if, the season will resume. While La Liga are hopeful that the campaign will be able to be completed, the chances of youth football returning are very slim. As a result, Lezama faces a unique challenge to sign new players to the academy.

Every year a new generation of players joins Lezama from other clubs to fill out the five Alevin squads, the youngest age group at the academy. Traditionally, Athletic holds Easter tournaments along with tournaments in June to assess young footballers in the area, especially for the Alevin squads, but that won’t be happening this year. In addition, Lezama normally organizes group training sessions and friendly matches once per week during the later stages of the season to further assess young footballers.

Without these events, Lezama coaches must find new ways to monitor possible players for next season. Making decisions for the Alevín teams will be the most difficult, though determining which players to pursue in the older categories will also be a challenge. The hope is that youth football may be able to resume in the months ahead but at this point it’s highly unlikely that will happen.

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