Kenan Kodro Is “Happy At Athletic” Says Father Meho Kodro

Kenan Kodro Training

Kenan Kodro is determined to earn his place at Athletic (MD)

Whenever the Copa del Rey final eventually takes place there will be drama in the Kodro household. Father Meho Kodro spent four years with Real Sociedad and also coached youth at the club, while son Kenan Kodro currently plays with Athletic. Being the son of a great player is never easy, but Kenan has always worked hard to write his own story and not stand in his father’s shadow.

“He’s living an irregular season, but he’s happy, working hard, and waiting for his moment,” Meho Kodro told Mundo Deportivo Gipuzkoa when asked about his son’s situation at Athletic. Kenan has rarely seen the field this season.

Despite the lack of chances the 26-year-old is happy with life in Bilbao. “What’s happened is that the team has done well and he has strong teammates in his position too. He has no choice but to continue working and to try to take advantage when the opportunity presents itself. He’s happy in the locker room and at the club. He’s happy at Athletic.”

While Kenan is eagerly looking forward to the Cup final against Real Sociedad, his father is torn. “I prefer not to respond,” answered Meho when asked which team he thinks will win the title. “What’s clear is that anything can happen, especially in a derby where there is more passion. The final will be very nice to see, live, and to play. La Real have had a great season and, looking at it from that point of view, perhaps have some advantage. But Athletic is also a warrior of a team.”

Meho Kodro wants to see his son play the final, but the coronavirus has brought uncertainty. “At the time, before the final was postponed, we were talking about going but now I’m not sure. Yes, there isa desire to see a game of this magnitude, but it’s one thing to want to go and another to be able to do it. We are going to wait and we will see.” In the end, whichever side lifts the Copa del Rey trophy Meho Kodro will have reason to celebrate.

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