Iñaki Williams “If We Have To Reduce Our Salaries To Help The Club It Wouldn’t Be A Problem”

Inaki Williams Training

Iñaki Williams is eager to get back on the field (AC)

Football is missed, but many are finding that it’s far from the most important thing in life. All across Spain players are confined to their homes as part of the country’s measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 and for now there is no clear idea as to when the season will resume. Like others, Iñaki Williams is putting his faith in the experts and doing his part to help the situation.

“We are listening to the professionals and following the instructions,” the striker told El Partidazo. “I’m aware that this will go on for a long time because there is still no cure. I was given a treadmill, I have a couple of machines, and I exercise and ride the bike so as not to lose shape. The rest of the time I play the PlayStation or watch TV. That’s how I’m spending my days.”

Williams acknowledges that the stoppage has been absolutely necessary, but he’s also eager to get back on the field. “I would like to play again as soon as possible and there would be no problem playing in July,” he assured. The biggest question on everyone’s mind is when the Copa del Rey final will take place. “I wouldn’t like to play the Cup final behind closed doors. The fans deserve to enjoy it just as much as the players.”

While clubs are already preparing for the negative financial impact that will come, Athletic are in a good position. Some have already filed for governmental assistant in paying wages though the Basques have shown no desire to do so. “The club hasn’t told us anything yet about ERTE,” said Williams. “If we have to reduce our salaries to help the club I don’t there would be a problem. The players want what is best for the club.”

La Liga is optimistic that the season is not lost and the players hope that’s true, but right now there is no way of knowing. Iñaki Williams and his teammates are working diligently at home to be in the best shape possible when football returns and are determined to claim the Copa del Rey title, take out La Gabarra, and celebrate the triumph with fans.

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