Yuri Berchiche “I Don’t Want To Play The Cup Final Behind Closed Doors”

Yuri Berchiche

Yuri Berchiche is making the most of the football stoppage (AC)

No one knows when football will return. The coronavirus pandemic has brought the season to a sudden halt and players who are used to training every day are now confined to their homes as part of Spain’s lockdown. It’s an unprecedented issue, though many are making the very best out of the situation.

“I’m taking advantage of this time to spend with my son,” Yuri Berchiche told Marca. “I’m enjoying spending more time with him. The first few days have been enjoyable, but I also know that everything will get tougher.”

La Liga hopes to return by late April or early May, but going so long without playing will make it hard to stay in shape. “We will notice it when we return,” said Berchiche. “Training at home isn’t the same as training at Lezama. I was given a treadmill but it’s not the same. The break will be good for us to come back fresher because there are players who have played a lot of minutes.”

Like many others, Berchiche wants to finish the season. “I’m in favor of what Rubiales says, that La Liga has to be played to the end,” he shared. However, the biggest concern at this point is what will happen with the Copa del Rey final. “I can’t imagine that the Cup final won’t be played and I wouldn’t be happy to play it behind closed doors. I don’t want to imagine it because it would be one of the most painful things as a footballer.”

Berchiche is also willing to do what he can to help others during this challenging time. “If we have to lower our salaries to help other people then I would welcome it,” he said. “We can’t deceive ourselves. We earn a lot of money and in order to help people who have less I would welcome it.”

Athletic have given players individualized training routines to follow at home while also providing exercise equipment where necessary. It will be the responsibility of each player to make sure they stay in the best shape possible to help the team win games when the season finally returns.

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